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veryglutenfree's Journal

Yet another Gluten-Free community
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Yet Another Gluten-Free Community
Welcome to this little humble community. This little corner of the web is for those living or are interested in living and learning more about the gluten-free lifestyle.

Due to some issues I've had with some other internet forums out there, I felt it was necessary to make these rules of conduct for anyone who may consider joining-

1. This is not a place for religious evangelism, nor patronizing comments towards those who are not a member of your religious community.

2. This place is about avoiding gluten completely (unless you only have something like a wheat allergy or intolerance, that's a bit different), not satisfying anyone's religious doctrine. This community is about keeping one's diet a hundred percent gluten-free for the sake of the long term safety of those who depend on this diet, not 99.95 percent.

3. This is not the place for cutting people down for bringing up problems they get glutened after physical contact with things such as pastry particles, gluten-filled cosmetics and toiletries, as though there is no connection between that and their condition. There is a lot we still don't know about allergies, Celiac, and food intolerances, and just because reactions are not widely well known in the medical community does not mean that they do not exist. This community is about support, and 'mansplainin is not support!

4. This community isn't exclusively about Celiac sufferers and their problems. Simply because some doctor knows about Celiac disease doesn't mean that they know anything about food intolerances and allergies, and denialism about non-Celiac gluten-related issues can be very harmful.

5. While it is okay to disagree with eachother, trolling and insulting the members of this community is not allowed here.

6. Reviews of products and services are welcome, especially negative ones.

7. Please remember to use tags pertaining to each post here you make.

8. Have fun, and feel free to share information, news items, medical articles, recipes, etc.