on the go GF, non-processed, no added sugar, easy prep lunch ideas?

Hi everyone,

I am currently walking/biking 4 miles to work, which means carrying my lunch in my back pack. I'm also eating gluten free (by necessity due to a gluten sensitivity), and also trying to avoid processed foods (or at least those with extra ingredients like preservatives) and added sugar (including added sweeteners like honey, cane sugar, coconut sugar, etc). I recently started baking my own GF sandwich bread, but will not be doing that for long -- I found a good recipe that I can leave the sugar out of, but it uses a rice flour mix, and I want to keep my rice intake down due to all the arsenic info that's out there these days. Other all-purpose flour blends that I've come across are prohibitively expensive - so once I run out of the blend I have now that's mostly rice-based, GF bread will be out as well.

I'm also currently pretty tight on free time, so I've stopped cooking dinner most nights. Until recently, lunch was always leftover dinner. But there are now two issues with that - (1) not having time to cook dinner and do dishes, and (2) worrying that leftovers in a container may leak in my back pack.

So, I'm looking for on-the-go ideas (to the extent that it needs to be backpack friendly without risk of leaking, and relatively easy / quick to prep) that fit my other restrictions. Currently all I can come up with is a salad in a jar (spinach, veggies, seeds/nuts, maybe some cheese, or leftover taco meat since we are going to do tacos once a week for dinner - I have oil at my office and can add that as the "dressing" at lunch time), maybe peanut butter and banana sandwiches on corn tortillas, and potentially something like nuts and fruit/veggies, which I'm afraid might not fill me up enough.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Anyone still here?

So I seem to have figured out over the last few weeks that I'm sensitive to gluten. I've been tested for Celiac's about 5 years ago so I don't think it's that. But can that change over time?? Should I get tested again?? It would be nice to have some people to run my questions and issues by who might have been there before... so I'm hoping there's still some life here somewhere :) If so, let me know!
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gluten free 2011

Hey all,  I'm new to the community.

I'm Alicia. I'm 24 years old and I live in Orange, California.  I have suffered from bad respiratory allergies since I was about 16 years old.  I've never actually been diagnosed and I don't know what causes my allergies but beer and sometimes wine definitely inflame them. I suffer from sneezing, runny nose/stuffy nose, post nasal drip, wheezing, tightness in my chest, coughing and an itchy chin (when coughing). Anyway...

My older sister Ana and I decided to give a gluten-free diet a try.  Ana's sister in law has been GF for over 6 months and before that she suffered hair loss.. now Ana says her hair is growing back thick and beautiful. Both Ana and I have had problems with our hair thinning out.. especially in the back.  She thinks it's because of gluten but I've always thought it was from being on the pill.  I'm not on it anymore and haven't been for about four months but my hair is still somewhat thin in the back. Anyway, Ana has convinced me to try to go GF with her to see if the hair improves as well as my respiratory issues.  I'm always wheezy...especially at night.  It's really hard for me to cardiovascular exercise like running ... especially outside.  The thing is, my wheezing and tightness and coughing could be due to a number of food allergies.  I really just need to see an allergist.

But anyway, back to GF.  It hasn't been too hard. I've cooked some things so far that were just as tasty as the original version.

Here's a mac and cheese I made with brown rice rotini pasta.

I've also made fish tacos with beans and rice and corn tortillas, a delicious cauliflower and tofu curry, and chicken and dumplings!  For the dumplings I broke down and bought Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All-Purpose flour which is pretty good... but it does contain garbanzo bean flour.  I don't mind it but it does remind me of eating a falafel whenever I taste it. So maybe I will have to buy a flour without the garbanzo next time.

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(no subject)

Hey guys!
My name is Joanna, I am 20 and was diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance (That my mom is convinced is full fledged Celiac) when I was 16. I became so ill that I was unable to attend high school and had to be tutored from home. Being a college kid I do admit to falling off the wagon way more often than I should which really is at all. Now that I have my own apartment I'm getting better at it though!

My roommate had her birthday the other day, and we went to King Kullen to get some icing for the cake I was making her, and in the baking section I found one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

I immediately bought some even though it broke the bank (I'm a poor college kid), and I have to tell you guys these are amazing! If there was one thing I was good about it was not eating cake, but now I can easily make delicious cake out of a box again when I'm lazy!

Also for anyone in the Long Island area, there is a supposedly wonderful Gluten Free Italian Restaurant called Buena Sera in Smithtown on main street. I have not yet been, but I've only heard good things about it!
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hello & fluten-free thanksgiving

 Hey folks. I used to use LJ a LOT and havent been lately, but was on a site the other day and thought I'd look to see if there was a GF group on here. Of course there is! Lol. 

I'm kate, 26, social worker in Providence, RI. I self-diagnosed a gluten intolerance and never came up + for celiacs, at least on the tests. I have endometriosis and a # of other auto-immune nightmares, so I just stay away from gluten,
I get updates from and saw this link, which has reipes for a GF thanksgiving :) enjoy!!;-International-Foods/Gluten%252dFree-American,-British{47}UK-Recipes/

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Glad to see this place !!!!

I am happy to report that I finally found gluten free Chocolate Chex in my local Stop and Shop !!!. I have now tried all the varieties, Corn, Rice, Cinnamon, Honey Nut, and now Chocolate !!!. Cinnamon is my favorite, closely followed by Honey Nut. The Chocolate is my third runner up :D. What about the rest of you..opinions????. What are your faves???.

EDIT: I was just reminded of something..I still haven't found strawberry!!!
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