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Glad to see this place !!!!
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ravenboo wrote in veryglutenfree
I am happy to report that I finally found gluten free Chocolate Chex in my local Stop and Shop !!!. I have now tried all the varieties, Corn, Rice, Cinnamon, Honey Nut, and now Chocolate !!!. Cinnamon is my favorite, closely followed by Honey Nut. The Chocolate is my third runner up :D. What about the rest of you..opinions????. What are your faves???.

EDIT: I was just reminded of something..I still haven't found strawberry!!!

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Yuuummm, cinnamon and honey sound good!!!!. I actually work nights, so I have a bowl of cereal when I get home before bed. When I wake up it's near my first meal after waking is lunch. Dinner is at work about 6 pm, and breakfast is before bed !!!. I'm backwards I know :P

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Sounds good to me. I tend to skip before I was diagnosed I had toast for breakfast. Lol.

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I have scrambled eggs with cheese sometimes. Yogurt is still upsetting to my tum and so are some meats. :(

A post introducing ourselves perhaps with a brief bit about our experiences newly gluten free??

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