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aymn wrote in veryglutenfree
Hey guys!
My name is Joanna, I am 20 and was diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance (That my mom is convinced is full fledged Celiac) when I was 16. I became so ill that I was unable to attend high school and had to be tutored from home. Being a college kid I do admit to falling off the wagon way more often than I should which really is at all. Now that I have my own apartment I'm getting better at it though!

My roommate had her birthday the other day, and we went to King Kullen to get some icing for the cake I was making her, and in the baking section I found one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

I immediately bought some even though it broke the bank (I'm a poor college kid), and I have to tell you guys these are amazing! If there was one thing I was good about it was not eating cake, but now I can easily make delicious cake out of a box again when I'm lazy!

Also for anyone in the Long Island area, there is a supposedly wonderful Gluten Free Italian Restaurant called Buena Sera in Smithtown on main street. I have not yet been, but I've only heard good things about it!


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