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hello & fluten-free thanksgiving
black witch cat
karmakat wrote in veryglutenfree
 Hey folks. I used to use LJ a LOT and havent been lately, but was on a site the other day and thought I'd look to see if there was a GF group on here. Of course there is! Lol. 

I'm kate, 26, social worker in Providence, RI. I self-diagnosed a gluten intolerance and never came up + for celiacs, at least on the tests. I have endometriosis and a # of other auto-immune nightmares, so I just stay away from gluten,
I get updates from and saw this link, which has reipes for a GF thanksgiving :) enjoy!!;-International-Foods/Gluten%252dFree-American,-British{47}UK-Recipes/

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Thanks for sharing Kate!
I also have a self diagnosed gluten intolerance. I have not been tested yet for Celiac, but based on the way I've felt (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about), I'm fine passing up the gluten!
Again, thanks for posting this!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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